Fight Corona with Preventive Medicine

Fight Corona with Preventive Medicine

Fear in the midst of a pandemic situation as it is now is actually reasonable, instead it is needed so that we are careful and alert. But if it’s overdoing it instead of protecting it causes illness. Tension is the key to a strong immune system, while fear decreases the body’s immunity because it is

Fear in the midst of a pandemic situation as it is now is actually reasonable, instead it is needed so that we are careful and alert. 

But if it's overdoing it instead of protecting it causes illness. Tension is the key to a strong immune system, while fear decreases the body's immunity because it is very draining. 

In this pandemic situation we need more energy to be able to build a good immune system. Fear occurs due to mental images that are stimulated by certain information. If we are continually exposed to information that the corona virus is deadly it will form a mental image in our minds. That mental image makes us afraid.

Therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish between facts and problems so as not to create a counterproductive mental image. It must be admitted that corona virus is a fact and only becomes a problem when we are infected. So that the corona virus is not a problem, we need to take various prevention measures. 

Prevention such as implementing a healthy lifestyle washing hands with soap, social and physical distancing, wearing masks and avoiding crowds are health protocols that we must obey together.

There are three attempts to relieve stress and fear in the middle of this pandemic. First, limit the update of information related to corona. Like eating, if too much will choke. Find the right dose so that we can know the development of information, without poisoning our mental health. 

Second, establish communication with family and relatives so that we still have a sense of connectedness for our psychological health. Third, learn self-healing techniques so that we can manage various negative thoughts and emotions. 

Therefore, they do not try to suppress or negate the various negative emotions, because emotions when resisted will only strengthen. The role of self healing is to recycle these negative emotions. Precisely not by resisting, but by accepting and acknowledging it, and then neutralizing it.

Then how emotions can affect the body's immunity? Here's the mechanism. In our body there is a link in the form of a causal relationship which is monitored by psychological disorders - nerve disorders - hormonal disorders - immune disorders. When immunity is impaired, a person will be susceptible to disease. In modern medicine, this science is called psycho neuro endocrine immune, a science not known in ancient medicine. 

In ancient medicine the doctors saw humans as a complete system, not only the physical body but also included mental, spiritual, social and natural aspects. That's why the treatment of patients used to be often done in holy places. 

The principle of ancient medical science gradually eroded as the development of modern medical science. History records how the thought of a French philosopher and scientist Rene Decartes, who was highly respected in the 16th century, brought a revolution to the development of modern science. 

His thinking then gave birth to a biomedical approach in the world of modern medicine that regards the human body as a machine in which every part can be analyzed. Later, even modern medical science finally recognized the relationship between the mind and the health of the human physical body. 

To note, the human body has been endowed with the ability to heal itself from various illnesses (self healing), one of which is the body's immunity. According to the theory of all diseases caused by viruses there is no cure, including this corona virus, so the healing process relies heavily on the body's immunity. The process of self-healing is first, the body will produce antibodies for seven days after initial exposure, then on the 14th day the amount of antibodies in the body will be very large so that it can kill the virus. Data about the virus will then be stored in our body's memory cells and can last for 30 years. 

And if we get infected again, then the data from the memory cell will release antibodies within one or two days and we will recover. Generally someone with good body immunity if infected, can heal itself. If he gets sick, it means that there is a disharmony in the body that causes the immune system to fight disease. 

In some cases, the corona virus can cause death. Many scientists believe his death was caused by a cytokine storm. Cytokines are proteins produced by the immune system that play an important role in cell signaling. When a virus infects a cell, it sends a warning signal, then kills itself so the virus does not spread to other cells. 

If cytokines are released in excessive amounts (cytokine storms) they can cause cell death in large numbers, thus damaging the tissue. Especially in corona patients, tissue damage generally occurs in the pulmonary organs, causing pneumonia and respiratory failure. Here is the importance of preventive medicine to prevent the transmission of the corona virus to those who are healthy and to prevent cytokine storms in infected patients. 

Because if there has been an organ damage, the risk of death is greater, recovery is even more difficult. It is also important to note that the digestive tract is the body's largest defense organ that covers as much as 70% -80% of the human immune system. The most antibody production and producing cell populations are in the digestive tract, along with the ecosystem of 100 trillion intestinal microbes that have a major role in maintaining the immune system. 

A study reported that covid 19 victims were found to have interstinal microbialdysbiosis which is a shift in intestinal microbes, where the number of probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium decreased and the number of pathogenic bacteria increased. The covid 19 patients had a long period of diarrhea. This indicates that they consume less plant-based foods (plants) intact and consume a lot of animal-based or processed foods.

Ada tiga ciri pola makan yang baik bagi kelangsungan hidup bakteri probiotik yang dapat mengoptimalkan daya tahan tubuh manusia yakni makanan berbasis nabati (plant-rich), makanan utuh yang mendekati bentuk alaminya (whole foods)  dan makanan yang beragam ( diverse nutrient). 

Oleh karena itu kecenderungan masyarakat yang terlalu fokus pada konsumsi vitamin dan suplemen  tanpa mempedulikan kualitas asupan nutrisi sehari-hari adalah kesalahan besar. Vitamin C dan E itu analoginya seperti senjata sedangkan bakteri usus adalah prajuritnya.

 Prajurit tanpa senjata masih bisa bertempur, tapi kalau senjata tanpa prajurit percuma. Bukankah sudah terbukti bahwa makanan berbasis nabati utuh  juga bermanfaat mengatasi depresi dan kecemasan yang berlebihan sehingga sangat baik dikonsumsi di tengah masa pandemi ini. Semoga bermanfaat.
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